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As you know BTC officially took over The Orchard Community Centre in September 2017.  Whilst there were minor issues in the beginning we are pleased to say that all has now been rectified. 

We feel it is a good idea to list some of the feedback received since taking over The Orchard Community Centre.  "Thank you for your support" from Councillors and staff.

  • Training Room is an excellent venue - Local Organiser
  • Impressed with the 'Session' booklet - Members of the Public
  • Well impressed with the organised parties and will definitely return - Party Organisers
  • Lovely venue (Training Room) and good hospitality - "Will use again" - Local Company
  • The building and facilities well received - Various 
  • "Party was great and well organised by staff" - Party Organisers
  • "Excellent facilities including kitchen"Party Organisers
  • "Pleased with how the parties are set up"Party Organisers
  • "We are impressed with the floor plans" - Party Organisers
  • Good comments are being received regarding the arrangements made for parties and the hospitality given by staff - Members of the Public
  • Use of Training Room for Workshops - "come highly recommended" - NHS
  • Concerns have been raised with regards to the parking outside the Building - please be advised there are no restrictions currently.
  • Various Organisations are impressed with the Training Room including the high tech equipment, the choice of table layouts and hospitality etc.
  • Lots of feedback with regards to floor plans - "very useful information" - Party Organisers 
  • New Session: "............"Thank you for today and happy with extra help to set up. Had a really good turnout for first session." - New Organiser
  • "………… thank you for all your help with this booking ………… no hiccups, the hall and facilities were ideal and comments received on the venue being so nice, clean and big. ......... I've never booked a venue before and had this service - it was invaluable.  “Thank you to staff” …….. I won't hesitate in recommending the Centre for hiring - Mother
  • "Thank you so much for all your hard work and support over the past year" - Instructor
  • Great venue, hall, training room and facilities great! - Instructors, members of the public and Organisations
  • "With all the venues we have used it was nice to see members of staff present to make sure all was well" - Event Organiser
  • "The Orchard Website looks fab" - Instructor
  • Supply of mats - we purchased mats which are being used by the Instructors. Also, the mats have been utilised for children's parties so they can sit comfortably on the floor whilst watching entertainers - Instructors
  • Could we have a hook and bin in the Ladies Changing Room - we have provided a hook and bin, as requested - Class Member 
  • Many good points have been received with regards to the building and its facilities -
  • Instructors, childrens' parties, members of the public (and meetings in the Training Room)
  • The team is awesome and very helpfulG
  • More parties are being booked from events which have taken place, with 4 being interested from a party held recently! -  G et al