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This web page includes all events that take place in and around Biggleswade:

  • Street Heroes: to be added
  • Biggleswade Easter Egg Hunt: Collage April 2019
  • Let's Go Sewing: Dates Various commencing 11th May 2019 (Trinity Methodist Church)

Once again, Thank You Biggleswade

Let's Go Sewing





  • "Raising the Roof " involving pupils singing at Westminster Cathedral
  • Biggleswade New Choir
  • Zumba Fitness

Please note all information is in the same order as shown above. 


 Pupils from various schools were invited to attend Westminster Cathedral in December 2016.

Join Biggleswade New Choir - Started 15 September 2016 (but try any time)

ZUMBA Fitness (All levels welcome)

Zumba Fitness takes place every Monday from 7 pm - 8 pm.