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Central Bedfordshire Council sent this bulletin at 02-05-2018 04:00 PM BST


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Fake Government Grants offered to residents and businesses 

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Fake Government Grants offered to residents and businesses


Residents and businesses are being warned to watch out for cold calls and online contact from fraudsters who are offering potential victims the opportunity to apply for Government grants for an advance fee.

To make the grants look legitimate fraudsters have even set up bogus companies and convincing looking websites that claim to be operating on behalf of the UK Government.

Applicants are then asked to provide identification and are instructed to get a pre-paid credit card to deposit their own contribution to the fake Government grant scheme.

Fraudsters will then contact victims on the phone or are emailed and asked for the details of their pre-paid credit card and copies of statements to in order for them to add the grant funds.

Of course the grant funds are never given by the fraudsters and the money that’s been pre-loaded by the victim onto the card is stolen.

If you receive one of these calls, hang up immediately.

Be wary of unsolicited callers implying that you can apply for grants. You should never have to pay in advance to receive a government grant, and they definitely won’t instruct you to obtain a pre-paid credit card. The government should have all the information they need if a genuine grant application was submitted, therefore any requests for personal or banking information either over the phone or online should be refused.

If you think your bank account or personal details have been compromised or if you believe you have been defrauded contact your bank immediately.

Please help prevent others from falling victim to this type of scam by letting your family, friends and neighbours know about this alert.

If you ever experience or suspect a scam, please report it by calling us on 03454 040506.

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