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Parking Strategy

Town Council Car Parks

Report of the Parking Strategy Task Group: Please click Here

It is widely acknowledged that parking has been an issue in Biggleswade for many years. The available parking in the town needs to be better managed and the lack of sufficient parking needs to be addressed.

Establish key principles when considering a parking strategy and also to consider the framework provided by the Biggleswade Town Centre Adopted Strategy and Masterplan (July 2011 Supplementary Planning Guidance).

Biggleswade Town Council offers a number of car parks within the town:

  • Chestnut Avenue Car Park (31 spaces)
  • Dan Albone Car Park (56 spaces plus 3 disabled)
  • Mill Lane Car Park (19 spaces plus 1 disabled)
  • Rose Lane Car Park (140 spaces plus 3 disabled plus motorcycles)
  • St Andrews Street Car Park (36 spaces plus 1 disabled)
  • White Hart Car Park (16 spaces plus motorcycles)

The Biggleswade Town Council Off-Street Parking Places Order 2017 was sealed following a review of off street parking including a public consultation. The order has been implemented.

The car parks are to be Pay and Display with the first hour free of charge.  The waiting times, return times and scale of charges varies across the car parks.  For example 
White Hart Car Park will be limited to a waiting time of 1 hour and no return within 2 hours and Dan Albone Car Park will be limited to a waiting time of 9 hours and no return within 4 hours.

The maximum charge payable will be £2.50 for a 6 hour stay in Rose Lane Car Park or a 9 hour stay in Dan Albone Car Park. All charges include VAT.