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Christmas Fair: Friday 22nd November 2019 


Biggleswade Town Council is the Local Council serving the town of Biggleswade in Bedfordshire.

Biggleswade Town Council is responsible for several aspects of the town, including markets, cemeteries and many of the town's parks and recreation grounds. Biggleswade Town Council also provides allotments for residents and issues annual community grants to worthwhile causes. For further information on each of these services please follow the appropriate links on our website.

Please follow this link for Services and Responsibilities.

Biggleswade Town Council holds two full Council meetings on the 2nd and last Tuesday every month at 7:00 pm, as well as several Committee meetings throughout the year. For further information regarding meeting dates, agendas and minutes, as well as information about your local Councillors, please follow this link COUNCIL.

The Unitary Authority for Biggleswade is Central Bedfordshire Council.  Central Bedfordshire Council is responsible for services such as: waste services; street lighting; highways; and planning applications. For further information on each of these services (and more) please follow the appropriate links on our website or click here: Central Bedfordshire Council.

Biggleswade Town Council are looking to the future in a positive manner and are eagerly anticipating the challenges to be faced when providing a comprehensive and equitable service to the residents of the town. We have now taken over The Orchard Community Centre, Kings Reach. For further information please click here: The Orchard.


Biggleswade Town Council - Internal Audit 2018/2019 Completion

Notice Of Public Rights And Publication Of Unaudited Annual Governance & Accountability Return (June 2019)
2018-2019 Fees
2018 Grants
Annual Audit 2017/18 and 2018/19

Data Transparency

The following 7 items have been added to the Data Transparency (Constitution) page:

Item 13: Annual Report 2015/16
Item 14: Report to Council - Local Government Award
Item 15: Statement of Leadership
Item 15: Statement of Value for Money
Item 15: Statement of Management and Performance
Item 15: Statement of Bio-diversity and Crime & Disorder
Item 16: Biggleswade Green Infrastructure Plan

Policy Update

April 2017: Community Engagement Policy (Issue 2)

BestBarNone (Licenced Premise Accreditation): For information Please Click Here


Neighbourhood Plan

  • Neighbourhood Plan Roadmap: Step-by-Step Guide
  • A Neighbourhood Plan for Biggleswade: "Your Views Matter" - Event 20th and 21st March 2019. For further information, please click Here
  • A Survey on the priorities for the Neighbourhood Plan can be completed online here.

Vandalism NEW

Please Click on Press Release (04/07/2019) regarding the new safety equipment at the weir, Biggleswade which was callously vandalised recently.

The equipment was installed last week near the weir as part of a joint initiative between Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, Bedfordshire Police and Biggleswade Town Council.


Good Neighbours 

Naomi is part of the Good Neighbours scheme. It is a voluntary organisation who offer help to anyone who may feel alone and in need of company. We offer this free service to people in Biggleswade as a way of reaching out to help people who for whatever reason feel isolated and in need of a friend. We home visit on a regular basis to help people feel valued and cared for. If you or anyone you know who could benefit from our service; please feel free to personal message via Good Neighbours in Kings Reach and/or telephone Good Neighbours 07771104255.

Crime and Safety
Warning (23rd June 2019) 

Parents be advised, there is a very unsafe app called kik used to target teens and underage girls by online predators. Children are innocently using this app. Please be on the look out and keep your children safe!  Forward to other parents.  

Theft Alert: Sandy, Shefford and Biggleswade (Bedfordshire Police)

Central Bedfordshire Town Council

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