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Biggleswade Town Council 

Prior to Local Government re-organisations in 1973, the main local authority in the Town was Biggleswade Urban District Council, housed in what is now Stratton House Hotel. Following re-organisation, Biggleswade Town Council and Mid Beds District Council were formed. The District Council took up residence in offices in London Road and the Town Council was based at 1, Chestnut Avenue. 

In 2006, Biggleswade Town Council moved to the former Magistrates’ Court in Saffron Road, which has been restored and refurbished to house an impressive Council Chamber and office accommodation.  

Biggleswade Town Council comprises 15 elected Councillors, who remain in office for 4 years. Each year Councillors elect a Town Mayor, who also holds the position of Chairman. A full list of Councillors here, Committees and Committee Meeting dates are always available on this website here.

The Town Council employs a number of staff
The Town Council is responsible for a number of community facilities throughout the town, including the ancient Charter Market (held every Saturday & Tuesday in the Market Square), the Farmers’ Market (held on the third Wednesday of every month from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm in the Market Square), two Cemeteries (Drove Road and Stratton Way), an allotment site at Kennel Farm Road, a number of car parks throughout the Town and a variety of parks, play areas and recreation grounds. The Council is also responsible for a number of street lighting columns, with Central Bedfordshire Council owning the remainder. There is also a Charity Stall available every Saturday (subject to availability).

The Town Council are looking to the future in a positive manner and are eagerly anticipating the challenges to be faced when providing a comprehensive and equitable service to the residents of the Town.