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Not to scale and for guidelines only

All the plans are based on 20-36 children attending the parties and events to hold up to 120 persons.  Also there is a variation of table layout, depending on preference (including round or rectangular tables). 


Sample 1   - Bouncy castle and mats (U-shape layout of rectangular tables) to cater for 30 children
Sample 2   - Bouncy castle, soft play area 
Sample 3   - Bouncy castle, children's entertainer and mats (Example A and B)
Sample 4   - Disco for Children (Plan A and B)
Sample 5   - Event: catering for 120 people with standing room (using rectangular tables)
Sample 6   - Bouncy castle, children's entertainer catering for 30 people (using round tables)
Sample 7   - Bouncy castle and table layout - L-shaped (Plan A, B, C and D) 
Sample 8   - Bouncy castle, soft play areas, table layout for children (rectangular tables) and 
                     area for adults (round tables)
Sample 9   - Children's entertainer, mats, table layout (U-shape) and seating area by walls                      catering for 25 + children
Sample 10 - Children's entertainer, mats, table layout and seating area by walls catering for 20
                    + children
Sample 11 - Children's entertainer, mats, table layout (rows) to cater for 24, 30 and 36                      children together with round tables (x 3) for adults (Plan A, B and C)
Sample 12 - Bouncy castle, entertainer, mats, table layout (U-shape) for 30 + children, seating 
                     area and round table for adults

Sample Plan: This sample gives you an idea of what can be achieved in the hall, whether 'all' or 'partially'.


These samples are for guidance only 

Sample 1 - Blocked 6 table layout
Sample 2 - Board Room layout
Sample 3 - Class Room layout
Sample 4 - 3 'sets' of 2 block layout